Innovation by design

Patented Microwave Technology

From Dream to Reality.

Imagine the ability to evenly heat and re-heat food in a conventional microwave without having to worry about hot or cold spots in the food?

What about the capabilties of compartmentalizing warm, hot and cold items together on the same plate and then microwaving them together in a conventional microwave oven with each compartment selectively being heated to the desired temperature?

Imagine microwaving frozen ice cream on the same plate with a bowl of soup, with the ice cream being totally shielded from heating - WOW !

We're heralding in a new era of simplicity, choice and convenience - for consumers, restaurants and caterers looking to broaden their culinary choices - TIME IT,  ENJOY IT!

Look no further.

Shieltronics has the know-how and know-why to bring your dreams into reality, together with the intellectual property portfolio to protect their application.

We have solutions available now - and we are seeking innovative commercial partners with global aspirations of leading the new wave.

Please contact us to discuss your dreams and aspirations.