Innovation by design

Packaging Applications

Convenience, Innovation & design proofed to be game changing and profitable.

Enhanced convenience and innovation adopted in your future products could cause game-changing situations for your business e.g. some success stories learned us.

Some current market leaders who changed the world with new product innovations are:

APPLE Inc. where everyone thought Nokia would be the unbeatable brand in the mobile industry. Apple proofed wrong when they introduced a three times more expensive product with more convenience, innovation and design.  Within 5 year it became the major market leader for smartphones.

TETRAPAK Inc. which became the market leader in beverage packaging where glass bottles became obsolete in the dairy industry.

NESTLE Inc., which caused a mega change in the coffee industry with their Nespresso cup innovation. Even with a 450% more expensive price (like Apple did with the iPad) it became the de facto standard for a convenient cup of coffee.




Explore now what we could do to assist and protect your future convenience food packaging business with our innovative Shieltron (topseal) Foils.   Microwave packaging incorporating Shieltron selective heating foils is the latest trend in the convenience food market. Our experts and design teams could assist you with a tailored solution which fits your customer needs.

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