Innovation by design


Culidish® – the newest wave in culinary food preparation

The Institute of Food Technologists recently issued a Scientific Status Summary on the latest innovations in food packaging materials.

They indicated that "as consumers continue to spend heavily on foodservice products, the role of packaging in ensuring food safety and providing convenience can only increase.

New packaging products, such as the CuliDish, are helping to address these issues. The CuliDish’s design allows simultaneous microwave heating of food that requires high heat and food that does not (such as salads) in the same tray. Such innovations in the area of heat and heat retention will reduce the safety risk associated with improper cooking. Food consumers prepare and eat only 60% of meals at home (Packaged Facts, 2005), and 20% of consumers eat while in transit to another location. As a consequence, many of the innovations in foodservice packaging are to accommodate meals eaten in transit and multi-component meals—both of which are trends of convenience. The high demand for on-the-go meals has led to a significant increase in the variety of foods packaged for in-transit dining.

Innovative microwave technology from Shieltronics offers unique opportunities

Around-the-world, the food industry is searching for new ways to bring the tastes and culinary experiences of restaurants and their master chefs into our homes and offices. Shieltronics recognized that to make this possible, there was a need for a revolutionary, new and innovative modular food packaging and delivery system. Shieltronics patented technology has the extraordinary property of being able to control the amount of microwave energy that can reach the different meal components, as a result of which it is possible to prepare salads, vegetables, sauces and meat/fish in the microwave at the same time, on a single dish - bringing each component to exactly the desired temperature.

This revolutionary concept called Culidish® has been awarded with several prestigious European packaging awards. NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre awarded Shieltronics with the Benelux Packaging Award ‘De Gouden Noot’ – a trophy of a solid gold walnut – for this innovation in packaging technology. In 2010, this technological solution was also honoured with the German Packaging Award.

The control over the microwaves is achieved by means of a patented shielding technology developed especially for this purpose. During the production process (injection moulded / in-mould labeling) a specially engineered label is incorporated into the wall of the food packaging containers. Shieltronics Meta-Grid flexible multi-layer foils then control the microwave energy intensity explicitely per compartment ( 0 – 100%), ensuring that each meal component will reach its own optimal temperature. Hence, the quality of the meal, particularly its taste and texture, will improve significantly as compared to a uniform heating process.