Innovation by design


Greencore Chilled Prepared & Ready-To-Cook Meals

In a market worth over £1.3 billion Greencore Prepared Meals is a major player at the cutting edge of chilled meals development, supplying in excess of 100 million meals a year to a wide range of UK customers across the multiple, convenience and foodservice distribution channels.

Greencore produces innovative, high quality meals with particular strengths in delivering healthy-conscious and premium dishes to a broad range of customers across Europe.

Greencore Prepared Meals is also a major supplier of premium ready-to-cook meals, which has been recognized by a number of prestigious awards. This sector has experienced significant growth over the last few years and Greencore has been at the forefront of innovation and development in this area.

Through the Shieltronics partnership Greencore entered the market with a entire new Chilled Convenience Meal concept. An innovative microwave steam packaging consisting of two, individually controlled compartments provides a unique state of the art packaging. This makes use of special shielding technologies and micro-valves which allows “steam cooking” of fresh food ingredients in a microwave, each to their desired taste and consistency.