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Microwave solutions

Shieltronics develops and licences patented microwave shielding technology. 

We are open to exploring licencing with prospective customers and partners.


Sustainability in business refers not only to economic performance but also to the two other cornerstones of sustainability: care for the environment and social responsibility.

Chilling Facts

Up to 50% of food production in the developing world is lost due to poor preservation and deterioration. But the developed world also faces other challenges. Food wastage along the supply chain, and in particular at household level, is a critical issue in europe, and is responsible for significant economic and environmental impacts both directly and indirectly. European households alone waste 71 million tonnes of food each year at a cost of €90 billion. or, to put it in a climate change context, eliminating food waste in the UK, for example, would have the same impact on greenhouse gas emissions as taking one in five cars off europe’s roads.  By looking at the overall lifecycle of the environmental impacts of food and its packaging together, and not just simplistic footprints of one or the other in isolation, it is clear that relatively modest packaging interventions can generate astonishing savings, both environmentally (in terms of embodied carbon and water) and financially (through reduction of expensively produced food waste). This is a fundamental yet simple conclusion that emerges from an insightful analysis of this complex issue..

Recycling and recovery - A hands-on approach

Recycling of our raw materials is important to ourselves as well as to most of our stakeholders. We are strong advocates of increasing recycling worldwide. We support initiatives and activities to increase access to recycling, and cooperate with our partners, industry, and governments.

For thin foil applications like laminates, energy recovery from advanced incineration plants has and remains a viable option, knowing that the absolute volume of aluminium used within any of our packaging technology solutions is extremely low. The recoverable amount of energy is comparable to the heating value of hard coal.

Social Responsibility - Core Values

Responsible business operations foster care and respect for individuals and communities. We follow special Principles of Social Responsibility which focus on such matters as communication, human and labour rights, working conditions and other responsibilities regarding employees.

We look to our stakeholders to do the same.