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Microwave solutions

Shieltronics develops and licences patented microwave shielding technology.

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About us

Shieltronics is a Research and Development,  Application and Technology licensing company, specializing in shielded microwave technologies.

Shieltronics was founded in 2007 by visionary scientist Ir. Frans van de Weijer.  Today, the company is led by a seasoned international management team of experienced and dedicated professionals with a track-record of commercializing technology and successfully delivering innovations to the global marketplace.

Proudly, we have evolved to become one of the world’s most innovative microwave science and technology centers, recognized for our expertise and leadership and rewarded with several patents in, amongst other areas - selective microwave shielding and heating technology.

In the rapidly expanding market of microwaveable packaging, we recognize the largest market drivers and trends are the need for new product innovation, existing product expansion and a global demand for new levels of convenience and flexibility.

When it comes to food, our industry is challenged to deliver new levels of time savings, convenience, taste and texture, health and fitness, and all at attractive and affordable prices.

Frozen, Refrigerated or Ambient Temperature Applications.

Shieltronics microwave shielding technologies and applications enable the preparation and delivery of meals made with fresh and/or frozen ingredients.

We can help deliver new levels of quality, consistency and value by delivering new types of packaging that carefully controls how the meals are warmed or re-warmed to provide the optimal taste, texture and presentation.

We’re here to help - and open for exploring business ideas and concepts.

Target Markets

  • Food Packaging, Food Processing and Food Servicing
  • In-Mould / Injection In-Mould Labeling / Thermoforming
  • New Labeling Technologies

Ideally Suited for Disposable and Reusable Designs

Shieltron® multi-layer foils are one of our leading products, designed specifically to regulate the intensity of microwave energy that is delivered through packaging or containers that incorporate our patented technology.

This allows for the design of multi-compartmented trays and packaging that could contain different amounts of shielding – an ideal solution for:

  • Multi-compartment meal trays  - fresh or frozen - eat-in or take-out !
  • Flexible Microwavable Pouches and Packaging
  • Microwave Steam Cooking Solutions
  • Microwave pasteurization solutions for High Pressure Processing (HPP)
  • Multi-Compartmental snack packs

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